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Baby’s Nutrition Depends on Mother’s Healthy food with
the right essential nutrition & this impact the Child’s Health
Throughout Life.
Flora Post Pregnancy Nutrition Package (After Pregnancy) Baananti Aahara

Post Pregnancy or after delivery is a happy at the same time very sensitive stage of life. The young Mother and the new invitee (newborn) both are very weak and susceptible to even a minute change in anything or everything, be it the environment or most important the food.

As per our rich Hindu Tradition & healthy customs that have scientific reason for every food we give for the Lactating Mother. Our tradition has taught us to be very hygienic and dosage particular for each and every formulation that is given in this particular stage. Every product is prepared freshly against the order with utmost hygiene, care and motherly love.

Flora Foods is here to give you this exclusive package in your time of need & celebration of motherhood. We dare with utmost care to provide each & every product according to the age old time table with proper dosage.

Order and celebrate your parenthood, grandparent hood exclusively with Flora Foods!!!

Flora Post Pregnancy Nutritional Package-(After 5 Days from Delivery)
Day 6th, 7th & 8th: Karakin Pudi – Curry leaves powder or Karakina Pudi is a preparation that has Curry leaves, Black Pepper, Hingu (asfoetida).
Dosage: On the 6th day or after discharge from hospital, young mother should have 1 spoon of karakin powder with a bowl of hot rice, 2 tsp. of ghee & salt. The first 5-6 morsels of this rice should be consumed.
Day 6th, 7th & 8th: Menthe Hittu – Menthe hittu or Methkut is a preparation best suited for all especially, new mothers & babies that start their weaning food. Dosage: On the 6th day or after discharge from hospital, the new mother should have 1-2 tsp of menthe hittu + hot rice + ghee + little milk (as per the need) + salt. This rice can be had after Karakin pudi rice in the morning & also at dinner. This is the best alternative for dal & rasam.
Day 12th, 13th & 14th: Dry Shunthi – Dry Shunthi+Jaggery
All the three ingredients have to be powdered.
Dosage – 2 Big spoons with little Jaggery(as per your taste)Powder after head bath…..
Day 15th, 16th & 17th: Hasi Antu Ingredients – Dry coconut+Antu+Sugar+Kasakasi+Jajikai+Pure ghee All the ingredients are ground and mixed with ghee. Dosage – 3 days daily 3 big spoons in the morning after head bath.
Day 18th, 19th & 20th: Bisi Antu Ingredients – Antu+Dry Coconut+Sugar+Kaskasi+Jajikai+Pure ghee All the ingredients are fried in pure ghee.
Dosage- 3 Big spoons in the morning after head bath.
Day 21st, 22nd & 23rd: Aalvi Payasa – Aalvi roasted in Pure ghee-1Spoon has to be soaked in 3-5 spoons of Milk overnight. Next morning, this has to be added to half to One glass of milk + Sugar (as per taste) has to be added and boiled for 5min. This Payasa has to be taken every morning after head bath as a first meal (after 2 hrs after Tea).
Day 24th, 25th & 26th: Gasagase Payasa – (Kasakasi(poppy seeds)+cashew+Badam) All these have to be soaked overnight, ground in the morning. The paste is added with the sugar and boiled till it thickens a bit. This Payasa has to be taken on the mentioned days in the morning after head bath or as a first meal (after 2 hrs after Tea).
Day 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th: Aalvi Undi – Aalvi Laddu has to be taken for 5 days after head bath in the Morning Note: 1 Laddu/day – Avoid Antina Undi or Aalvi payasa on the same day. Either one of the three has to be taken.
Antina Undi: Can have only One Antina Undi from 16th day after head bath in the Morning. After a month, one can eat Antina Undi for N number of days.
Ker Adike: Ker Adike is a supari that has Ker/Ger beeja in the appropriate quantity that produces required heat after the delivery for Mother’s health. Dosage: From12th day, after every meal, have Ker adike half a spoon as mouth freshner or for easy digestion.
Ram Rahim Tuppa/Ghee: Ram Rahim Tuppa/Ghee is pure butter extracted Ghee prepared in well-known diary of Dharwad since 30 years. Since, all the above preparations & the young mother’s diet needs pure cow ghee, we are ready to supply this along with other formulations.
Benefits from the above package:
  1. Curry leaves Powder provides us numerous health benefits like boosting iron levels, controls blood sugar levels, aids in
    digestion and flushes toxins away from stomach.
  2. Will build immunity
  3. The bones will become strong for mother & child both.
  4. All the ingredients are Lactogogues that aids in easy lactation and secretion of milk
  5. Pure Cow ghee is a best source of Vitamin A that is needed by every young Mother
  6. Helps in healing up the wounds, cuts & effects of C section.
  7. Helps the mother to come back to normal soon.
Flora Foods will supply all the above said preparations with hygiene & utmost care.
FLORA Post Pregnancy Nutrition Package (After Pregnancy)
Baananti Aahara
(After 11 Days from Delivery)
Package Price: ₹ 2773/-
Offer Price: ₹ 2521/- (10% OFF)
  1. Karakin Pudi – Curry leaves powder – 250g
  2. Menthe Hittu – 250g
  3. Dry Shunthi+Jaggery+Jajikai(Min Qty) Mixture -100g
  4. Hasi Antu – 250g
  5. Bisi Antu – 250g
  1. Roasted Aalvi – 250g
  2. Aalvi Undi – 500g
  3. Antina Undi – 500g
  4. Ker Adike – 250g
  5. Ram Rahim Aakalu Tuppa/ Cow Ghee – 500ml

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