Five Star Chutney Pudi Combo
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Five Star Chutney Pudi Combo



Mannettina Amavasya Pooja Offer ( ಮಣ್ಣೆತ್ತಿನ ಅಮಾವಾಸ್ಯೆ )

*Here is an New Launch in Flora Pooja Prapancha for Mannattin Amavasya Pooja ( ಮಣ್ಣೆತ್ತಿನ ಅಮಾವಾಸ್ಯೆ ):-

1. Order Mannettu/Jodettu/Basavanna & celebrate your festival with Flora Pooja Prapancha.
(Note :-Validity – May 26th 2023 TO June 14th 2023)



Combo of Five Chutney Powders

Estimated Delivery Date: Upto 3-4 Working days for Karnataka, For South India-Maharashtra,Goa,AndraPradesh,Telangana,Tamilnadu & Kerala 4-5 Working days, for Rest of India 5-6 Working days after despatch. June 12, 2023 - June 12, 2023


Combo of Five Chutney Powders in single pack

  1. Agasi & Gurellu Chutney Pudi-250gms
  2. Garlic Chutney Pudi-250gms
  3. Shenga Chutney Pudi (Groundnut Chutney Powder)-250gms
  4. Puthani & Shenga Chutney Pudi (Groundnut & Fried Grams Chutney Powder)-250gms
  5. Vadakalu Chutney Pudi (Mixed Dal Chutney Powder-250gms

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