Garlic Ball(Garlic chutny)
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Garlic Ball(Garlic chutny)

Earn up to 8 Flora Points.239.00868.00



It is prepared from ground garlic, til seeds, fresh ginger and red chilli powder. It is best savoured with hot jowar roti,muttigi, hot rice with salt n ghee /any edible oil, Also used for Masala or any curries, gravies .

Upto 4-5 days for Karnataka, South India, Goa, Maharashtra. And minimum 8 days for Rest of India. January 25, 2022 - January 27, 2022

* How To Use ??

Garlic Ball is a spicy chutny pudi in the form of a ball. The Garlic ball has to be crushed with our
hand and made into powder form before having. The taste buds get activated with this product with all
your senses. Garlic Ball is a flavourful, strong and tasty all-round accompaniment with many dishes.

 It can be savoured best with hot Jowar / Bajra roti / chapatti / Muttigi by mixing the powdered
Garlic ball with ghee / any edible oil / dahi and to be eaten as chutney pudi.

 Garlic ball tastes best if mixed with hot rice, salt and ghee or any edible oil.

 Garlic ball powder can be used as masala in any curries or gravies.

Additional information

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White Til,Garlic,Byadagi Red chilly powder,Ginger

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life: 6 months if refrigerated

Storage Care: 2 months – If kept airtight  in a cool and dry place


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