Sajje Hittina Undi (Bajra/Pearl Millet Flour Laddu)
Earn up to 9 Flora Points.333.00953.00 Select options

Sajje Hittina Undi (Bajra/Pearl Millet Flour Laddu)

Earn up to 9 Flora Points.333.00953.00


Bajra Flour Laddoo is a special and healthy laddu, and is a great way to derive these inherent health benefits:

  • High in Fibre – good for stomach and gut health, and reduces LDL or bad cholesterol
  • Heart friendly – rich in magnesium and potassium which helps reduce overall blood pressure
  • A detoxing agent – rich in antioxidants (phytic acid, tannins, phenols) – which help in preventing ageing & metabolic diseases like heart disease, stroke & cancer
Upto 4-5 days for Karnataka, South India, Goa, Maharashtra. And minimum 8 days for Rest of India. January 31, 2022 - February 2, 2022
  • Laddus are prepared freshly upon receiving your order.
  • Laddus are prepared using High-Quality Ingredients (such as all dry fruits, flours, ghee, jaggery, and other ingredients relevant for each type of laddu), and prepared and packed hygienically.
  • Laddus are prepared using fresh, pure ghee.
  • The ghee used is extracted freshly from pure butter.
  • Flour is roasted with ghee before using it to prepare laddus.
  • We use good quality Jaggery only, and not sugar, to prepare laddus.
  • Jaggery syrup is prepared using ghee without mixing water.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg


Bajra Flour (Sajje / Pearl Millet Flour), (Small quantity of Rice, Urad Dal & Sabudana), Almonds, Cashew, Walnut, Pista, Pure Ghee, Edible Gum (Antu), Jaggery, Cardamom Powder.

Shelf Life & Storage Care

Shelf Life: 30 – 60 days

Storage Care: Keep Airtight


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